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Anti STATIC PRODUSTER Sleeve 50 Pack

The ProDuster is safe for any surface, contains no oils or waxes, and won’t streak or leave any residue. | Using ProDuster sleeves over your wool or feather type dusters prolongs the life of your dusters while providing more effective dusting. | Fits over most wand dusters | Helps prolong the life of wool dusters | Safe for any surface, contains no oils or waxes and won’t streak or leave residue | More economical to replace than the entire duster | Static Lift: 82″;45″

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MFG:PRO TEAM INC | End Conection:n/a | Lead Law Complaint:n/a | Flow Rate:n/a | Material:Plastic | Pressure Max:n/a | Energy Star Compliant:n/a | Diameter:n/a | Depth:n/a | Color Finish:Yellow | Water Heater Type:n/a | Water Sense:n/a | CEC Compliant – FEI:n/a | ADA Compliant:n/a

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Weight0.875 lbs
Dimensions18-18 × 2 × 7-34 in
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